5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

Active design-wise trends rise as a response to consumers’ yearning for smarter, simpler, more sustainable clothing. Innovators indulging in this theme prioritize revolutionary ingredients and materials for creating items that work for the present and future.

Color thrives in active design-wise trends as they project confidence and clarity. Prints and graphics also carry meaning, as this trend generates patterns from arcane symbols, data maps, and mathematical sequences. Active design-wise products come with intelligent and thoughtful designs filled with optimism.

Dive into the world of five hardworking, active design-wise trends with durability and versatility never seen before in S/S 23.

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What is the market size for the activewear industry?

The world activewear market reached $303.44 billion in 2021, and reports suggest it will expand at a CAGR of 5.8% from 2022 to 2028. The industry owes its promising growth to the rising shift toward modern solutions for gym and everyday activities.

In addition, consumer interests continue to charge toward sports and fitness activities, which helps to fuel demand for activewear innovations. Increased awareness among millennials and younger generations also helps boost the global market’s expansion.

The women segment constitutes a significant portion of the market, accounting for 60% of the total revenue in 2021. Experts predict the men’s side will grow to promising levels at a CAGR of 4.8% over the forecast period.

North America registered the highest revenue share in 2021, holding over 30%. Research predicts Asia Pacific will exhibit the fastest CAGR (8.1%) over the forecast period.

Active design-wise trends: 5 high-top trends

Limitless performance

5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

“Limitless performance” combines physical and digital worlds, making them more interwoven than in previous decades. Advancements in the industry provide technology-inclined solutions to consumers with connected workouts. Interestingly, innovations under this trend make it easier to track and access performance with sleek designs.

Digital body mapping is an essential piece of the limitless performance theme. The innovative move creates the perfect customized fit for consumers who work out. A partnership with the tech wearables market will also introduce smart tracking. For instance, this trend provides advanced belts that adjust automatically to the wearer’s needs.

5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

In addition, businesses can move toward innovations in engineered hybrids to offer focused compression and support to active consumers. Limitless performance can evolve activewear staples like bra tops, tanks, double-layered shorts, and leggings by adding more technological functions.

Hype golf

5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

Golfwear is evolving into fresh amateur sets perfect for activities on and off the golf courses. Hype golf results from marrying lifestyles geared toward the great outdoors and the emergence of stunning innovators in the segment. This sudden shift provides a refreshing spin on activewear for the sport.

Hype golf transforms the silhouette of old golf sets into more streetwear and menswear-inspired styles. They shift from excessively sporty looks offered by previous brands towards classy yet functional designs. Styling for women provides looser silhouettes and offers gender-inclusive appeal. Take inspiration from the golf brand of recording artist “Macklemore.”

5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

Rebellious graphics under hype golf break away from the traditional “boys” club styling. They show off the beauty of camaraderie instead of titles. Loose-fitting polka dot polos and shorts are examples of evolved golf clothing straying away from classics. Zip-up and chunky long sleeves also make an impact in the refreshed market. Hype golf apparel is ideal for all-day activewear, streetwear, and golfing.

Engineered impact

5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

What happens when craftsmanship and intention design combine? The birth of engineered impact. Pieces under this trend provide visually impactful style by following a more sustainable approach. An example of such innovation is Nendo’s modular football.

The Japanese design studio creates an item consumers can repair and maintain with replaceable components. Interestingly, the fashion industry applies this principle to activewear to increase product longevity and facilitate conscious ownership.

Engineered impact fuels efficient knit techniques and pattern cutting to cut down waste. The trend also uses this approach to make visually appealing motifs and designs. Australian cycling brand MAAP inspires the fashion industry by addressing the waste material problem with its off-cuts program.

5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

The brand recycles excess textiles from previous production and implements them in new styles. Its approach creates interesting texture and color-blocking designs. Engineered impact ensembles are perfect for cycling, all-day activewear, tennis, and yoga.

Support and thrive

5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

2023 encourages support for monthly cycles and lifecycles, and the fashion industry responds with adaptable innovations. The “support and thrive” trend pushes intentional empowerment and helps retailers gain consumer trust and loyalty. However, they must use these innovations combined with education.

Get inspired by brands like Röhnisch, which provides a PMS collection featuring sports bras and leggings with adjustable straps. This added functionality allows tightening or expansion throughout pregnancy or monthly cycles. Thinx is another fantastic example of brands leveraging “support and thrive.” This period underwear brand offers leggings and shorts with heat pad pockets.

5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

Adidas joined the fray by providing tech-fit, period-proof tights for the female monthly cycle. Sellers can consider investing in products using cosmetotextiles and adaptable materials to provide consumers with enhanced comfort.

Support and thrive can also give retailers access to the untapped opportunities lying dormant in traditionally male-dominated sports. Events like road cycling, golf, and outdoor pursuits present perfect ways for businesses to support women interested in such activities. This active design-wise style is relevant for all activewear and sports activities.

Even better basics

5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

Basics may sound ordinary, but this trend evolves them into super items. “Even better basics” transforms boring active wardrobe staples into exciting pieces. Colors, versatility, and materials are essential to this trend and help ensure quality replaces quantity.

Invest in items utilizing natural materials enhanced with innovative technologies. They should be hard-wearing without sacrificing their natural qualities like thermoregulation. For example, take a look at Vollebak’s ceramic T-shirt. The brand’s item provides enhanced durability by embedding ceramic particles within the material.

5 Awesome Active Design-wise Trends of Spring/Summer 2023

In addition, Hemp Black’s antibacterial innovations create its Fairmont jacket. The unique piece protects wearers and requires lesser wash sessions. Retailers can stock up on activewear designs in muted colors for versatility and longevity. The key to leveraging this trend lies in capitalizing on timeless and practical styles enabling seamless transitions from workouts to all-day active or outdoor wear.

In conclusion

Products utilizing good-quality materials capable of withstanding various environments should top a retailer’s investment list. Some items worth investing in contain safe antibacterial properties to reduce washing. Also, versatile colors with trans-seasonal appeal and interchangeability should be priorities this season.

Look towards innovations with body mapping, which helps consumers investigate where they need thermoregulation or compression. In addition, consider durable materials offering protection against various weather conditions. They’ll make irresistible offers for outdoor explorers and everyday wear.

Limitless performance, hype golf, engineered impact, support and thrive, and even better basics are the trends businesses must follow for sustainable sales and profit in the S/S 2023 activewear market.