10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

Eyebrow styles have been dominating the beauty market for the past several years. This is why the eyebrow services industry is worth $109 million in the U.S.

There are many reasons why beauty enthusiasts love brow cosmetics. Eyebrows frame the face and bone structure, taking any makeup look to a new level. Brows are also flexible; one can wear them thin or bushy and even dye their brow hairs different colors.

Now that 2023 is around the corner, businesses should know the new eyebrow trends to keep essential products in stock. Continue reading to discover the popular eyebrow looks for next year and stay ahead of competitors.

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An overview of eyebrows in beauty

10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

Since eyebrows frame the face, they can completely change one’s appearance. Brows define the facial features, and the length and shape of the brows can enhance the natural shape of the face.

Many beauty enthusiasts also shape their eyebrows to correct certain eye flaws, such as eyes that are far apart. Eyebrows also draw more attention to the eyes.

So, what’s the next eyebrow look? In 2023, beauty enthusiasts want brows that complement their personal style. That’s why we will see numerous trending eyebrow looks this year. It’s essential that businesses carry a wide variety of brow products, such as eyebrow pencils and brow gels.

The latest eyebrow trends in 2023

With 2023 almost here, businesses should prepare to sell certain products that coincide with consumer demand. Here’s what businesses should know about 2023 eyebrow trends and which products to keep in stock.

Brow lamination

10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

Brow lamination adds glue or another adhesive to the brow hairs, giving them a thicker look. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid have skyrocketed the trend, using brow lamination to achieve feathered brows. This is why eyebrow lamination services have increased in price by 2500% over the last six months.

Customers can do brow lamination with the right products. Selling products such as eyebrow glue will increase foot and web traffic, increasing sales from brow enthusiasts.

Bleached brow hairs

10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

Since celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have bleached their eyebrows, the whole world has been jumping on this trend.

This trend is very haute couture, popular among those who see makeup as a way to express themselves—not improve their appearance.

The bleached brow look may be too extreme for some. As an alternative, consumers are starting to lighten their brows to match this trend. This gives brows a softer look and matches lighter hair colors better.

Microblading professionals and other eyebrow services can offer brow bleaching to satisfy this demand. If customers don’t want to bleach their brows, they can lighten their brow color with pigmented brow pomade.

Soft tints

10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

For those who want lighter brows but don’t want to bleach their hair or mess with complex makeup, softer-tinted brows are a popular alternative. Soft tints are most popular among consumers who want to match their brows to their lighter hair color.

Consumers can use a simple eyebrow powder to fill their brows without overpowering their facial features.

Natural brows

10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

Today, more women are embracing a more natural-looking brow. This coincides with a more natural look to accept flaws and be confident in one’s skin.

The best way businesses can satisfy the natural brow trend is by selling the products consumers need to achieve minimalist eyebrows. Eyebrow pencils are a good example; consumers use them to fill in their brows rather than draw on new ones.

Skinny brow

10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

What was trending in years past is back in style today. Now, women are embracing 90s makeup trends—especially the over-plucked skinny brow look.

Why is this eyebrow shape trending? Viewers are watching actress Lily James playing the 90s and 2000s blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson in the show Pam and Tommy, and James’ thin eyebrows are inspiring more people to pull out the tweezers.

Since the thin brow trend will dominate, it’s still important to sell high-quality tweezers at your beauty store.


10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

Microblading has been a popular service in years past, and this trend is not letting up in 2023.

Celebrities and movie stars have hopped on this trend, talking openly about their love of microbladed brows.

This is excellent news for microblading businesses! At the same time, they must keep up their stock of tattoo needles and ink.

Straight brows

10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

Because of the minimalist and natural look, more consumers are imitating the look of sophisticated style icons such as the movie star Audrey Hepburn. And her straight and more natural-looking brow, dubbed the Audrey brow, is making a comeback.

The Audrey brow is bold but doesn’t have defined arches. This brow style lifts the face and opens the eyes, giving the wearer a youthful look. It’s universally flattering but looks best on those with naturally dark hair. Straight brows are also popular among the androgynous crowd since they look more masculine.

To keep brows looking full, consumers will want a high-quality brow wax with spoolie.

Colored brow

10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

The colorful brow trend was the main brow look of the previous decade; it first emerged in 2017 with the rise of the alternative style movement and anyone who is a fan of color. Since alternative fashion isn’t going anywhere, bright-colored and glitter brows will still dominate the beauty scene.

Consumers can achieve this look at home without hair dye. The best product to sell is colorful mascara. With this, users can quickly brush some color into their brows.

Jewel brows

10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

The popularity of jewels and gems is taking over the beauty world, so it should be no surprise that bedazzled and glitter brows are a massive trend in eyebrow beauty.

Jewels are an easy way to create a bold look for those who aren’t good with eyebrow products. While clear gems are popular, colored brow gems are favored by those who want a more creative look.

Businesses can sell crystal stickers that are safe for the skin and are easy to attach. These rhinestones are safe for around the eye area.

Fluffy brows

10 Eyebrow Trends to Rock in 2023

Thanks to celebrities such as Dua Lipa, voluminous and fluffy eyebrows will continue to dominate in 2023. Dua Lipa’s dark, fluffy brows have become a social media sensation, and it’s the perfect time to copy the look.

The best fluffy brows don’t look solid; there’s a little space between each hair. Consumers can use spoolies to brush through their hair to achieve this look.

Businesses will want to keep some blank spoolies in their eyebrow beauty section. Consumers can use these spoolies to apply brow gel or wax for definition. They may want to brush up their brows with no products or a clear gel to accentuate the natural volume of their brows.


In 2023, versatility and personalization are key movements in the beauty space, and enthusiasts will use different eyebrow trends that coincide with their style and bone structure.

The eyebrow looks that a lot of people will choose depend on their appearance, personal style, and preferences. Eyebrow trends vary from glued eyebrows to straight brows without arches. This is why businesses should carry many products, from blank spoolies to eyebrow glue and brow gel.

For businesses to stay competitive, they need to pay attention to buying trends and other consumer needs. Keep reading the Baba Blog to stay updated on the latest beauty trends.