15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

Typically, determining which kitchen tools to prioritize while purchasing these products for your business may seem like a difficult task. With this in mind, read on to learn about the most recent kitchen tools your business should pay attention to this year and beyond.

Table of ContentsA set of nonstick cookwareA set of silicone utensilsA set of high-quality knivesKnife sharpenerCutting boardsA classic silverware setA modern dinnerware setMeasuring spoons and cupsStorage containersBlendersSlow cookersElectric hand mixersA manual can openerA professional-quality wine keyAn instant-read digital thermometer

A set of nonstick cookware

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

This set offers non-stick cookware with a sturdy design for a professional look. The bottom features a stainless steel disc bonded to a stainless interior and exterior.

What makes it a distinct cookware set is that the stainless steel base maintains an even distribution of heat and reduces heated reactions that may change natural flavors in food.

A set of silicone utensils

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

This elegant set features BPA-free food-grade silicone and goes well with any cookware, such as cast iron and non-stick.

In addition, it is made of quality silicone and contains a toughened nylon core making the utensils heat-resistant. This means it is a good heat-resistant silicone utensil that can withstand up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

A set of high-quality knives

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

This set of knives above features high-carbon, stainless steel blades that ensure the knives retain their sharpness. Even so, they are easy to sharpen and maintain.

Ideally, every single forged knife is finely balanced for cutting precision.

Knife sharpener

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

Knife sharpeners are either manual or electric. For instance, some brands offer a 2-step versatile manual sharpener that can work on typical Asian and Western blades.

High-end electric knife sharpeners feature a sapphire stone that rotates at high speed. Some are cordless and have a good size for a palm wrap around. The motorized sharpener has a tray to trap metallic chips when sharpening the knife.

Cutting boards

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

Cutting boards made of plastic are efficient and dishwasher friendly. Most are lightweight with grips to prevent shifts when in use. Plastic is non-absorbent and non-porous, making it easy to wash off any residue.

Wooden cutting boards feature a lot in kitchens. Those with a wide surface area of 15″ and 21″ are standard sizes. Bigger ones are also available. Other cutting boards, for instance, those made of bamboo, are lightweight, easy to clean, and rarely stain.

A classic silverware set

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

Silverware sets can come in two forms. While some people will prefer a silverware set with a traditional touch, others prefer silverware with a modern touch.

Stainless steel offers rust-resistant tableware that remains the same with consistent use.

A modern dinnerware set

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

Modern dinnerware sets come in varying styles that depend on the material used to make the sets.

Stoneware: They often spot a glossy finish and are durable. These sets come in different colors and shapes to offer versatility.Porcelain: These are dishwasher, microwave, and oven friendly. Some are metallic accented, circular, with flat edges spotting a modern appeal.Bone China: These are lightweight, durable, and chip-resistant.Melamine: Tough and light, plus they’re dishwasher friendly but not suitable for microwave use.Earthenware: They have a casual appeal but avoid exposing them to sudden temperature changes.

Measuring spoons & cups

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

The recommended measuring spoons and cups have all-clad polished 18/10 stainless steel making them durable. Most will have the measurements engraved on them for easier use.

Plastic measuring spoons and cups are also an option. For instance, spoons come in tablespoon and teaspoon sizes. Spoons for metric measuring typically come in two sets of four and six. They can measure small quantities in milliliters.

Storage containers

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

Some storage containers are made of glass with a lid and are versatile, allowing them to be used as dishes or as storing leftovers.

Another option is plastic storage containers that can be circular, rectangular, or cylindrical. Suitable containers are leakproof, with different sets and sizes.


A high-speed blender or a standard one will suffice, depending on the kitchen needs. Also, powerful blenders are necessary for pulverizing hard ingredients like nuts, beetroot, and ginger as alternatives.

Heavy duty blenders like the TM 800A have a 3 HP and 950watts power output perfect for cafes. It has variable speed controls that allow setting blending speed, whether in a dry or wet application.

Slow cookers

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

Some feature a programmable digital timer to set the time for cooking a specific meal. Several slow cookers can be programmed to maintain food at a set temperature for a certain period after cooking.

Some slow cookers come in stainless steel, making them heavy. Others are ceramic coated, which necessitates extra care when handling.

Electric hand mixers

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

A basic electric hand mixer will have a whisk, paddle, and dough hook. The mixers use motors that spin the whisk at high speed for mixing. Several will have different parts that can be bought separately and assembled. For example, some attachments include an ice cream maker component and a fruit whipping paddle.

A manual can opener

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

This recommended manual can opener features solid stainless steel, predominantly carbon, which is the same as that found on some cooking knives. Some of them have wooden or resin handles for good grip.

There are two types of manual can openers; one that cuts the tin’s lid inside the rim and others that can undo the container’s outside edge.

A professional-quality wine key

The double-hinged waiter’s corkscrew is one of the most popular wine keys in the market. It has a pleasant, textured grip and is made of stainless steel. It also features a foil cutter that is sharp and easy to use.

An instant-read digital thermometer

15 Must-Have Kitchen Tools and Utensils for 2022

An instant-read digital thermometer measures the temperature at which food is cooked. It comes with a sharp extended metallic pin that measures temperature by dipping into the food or through a slight piercing on a steak. Efficient ones give a temperature reading in about four seconds.

Tying it all together

There are many kitchen tools out there that are new and upgraded. The fact that consumers are eager to reduce their cooking time or improve their cooking experience by using better tools makes it an appealing commercial prospect for businesses in this sector. So this article has outlined a key list for any kitchen inventory.