4 Essential Thermos Cup Trends for 2022

Today’s consumers live in a fast-paced world where convenience is highly sought after. Thermos cups are a popular accessory for many people who lead busy lifestyles and are always on the go, as they offer such convenience, and can be used for a variety of different drinks.

The thermos cup has slowly become a must-have in today’s society, and it’s difficult to find a household without at least one style of these reusable products in it. So read on for the latest cup trends that are set to be in high demand this year.

Table of ContentsMarket value of thermos cups today4 of the best styles of thermos cupsWill thermos cups continue to trend with consumers?

Market value of thermos cups today

Thermos cups are heavily used by people living an active lifestyle as well as people who are always on the go, whether that be for work, traveling, or transporting family to their daily activities.

In recent years there’s been an increase in consumer spending when it comes to sports and leisure products, and this spending includes items such as insulated bottles and cups.

In 2021 the global market value for thermos bottles was USD $4.75 billion. That number is expected to increase to USD $6.50 billion by 2028, largely driven by consumer spending habits and the need to stay hydrated while on the go. The various styles of these insulated bottles and cups are now appealing to a larger number of consumers who not only want more convenience in their daily lives but also want to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

4 Essential Thermos Cup Trends for 2022Woman sitting at a viewpoint with a white water bottle

4 popular styles of thermos cups

Thermos cups are now being produced with different features, and they’re also being consistently used for sports as well as leisure activities. This makes them a popular accessory to have regardless of the type of daily activities a person does. The reusable water bottle, insulated coffee tumbler, travel tumbler, and the skinny water bottle are 4 of the top styles of thermos cups being sold today.

Insulated coffee tumbler

Like all types of thermos cups, the insulated coffee tumbler is designed with a specific consumer in mind. The double wall vacuum insulation helps to keep any hot drink, not just coffee, at an optimal drinking temperature for up to 6 hours, and cold drinks for up to 12 hours.

While the inside is made of stainless steel and is rust resistant, the outer powdered coating won’t fade or crack with heavy usage, making it the perfect durable thermos cup to add to any busy lifestyle. They come in four different sizes as well so consumers can choose the capacity that’s right for them. The press-in lid with a drinking hole at the top helps to keep the liquid securely inside the coffee tumbler with less chances of spillage. There’s never been an easier way to take coffee on the go.

4 Essential Thermos Cup Trends for 2022Man in suit outside house with reusable coffee cup

Stainless steel travel tumbler with lid

Whether people are traveling long distances, commuting to work, or dropping their children off at school, the travel tumbler is the perfect accessory to take with them. The sweat-free design of this style of thermos cup comes with a double-wall vacuum insulation, a stainless steel interior, and is premium copper coated. It allows the liquid to stay cold for up to 9 hours, or hot for 8 hours, and comes with a snug-fit slider lid to keep the liquid contained when not in use. Its slim design also means that it can fit in a vehicle’s cup holder and can easily be taken traveling without using up too much space.

4 Essential Thermos Cup Trends for 2022A white travel tumbler against a yellow background

2 liter thermos water bottle

As the world shifts to more eco-friendly consumer patterns, plastic water bottles are being replaced with reusable water bottles. The most popular type of reusable water bottle in today’s market is the stainless steel thermos water bottle, which can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Not only is this thermos bottle durable, it’s also the perfect companion for outdoor activities such as hiking, or for sending children to school with. The large 2 liter capacity of this water bottle is perfect for longer trips or sports as it doesn’t need to be refilled constantly.

4 Essential Thermos Cup Trends for 2022A large stainless steel water bottle being drunk from

The skinny tumbler

For ease of use and physical appeal, the stainless steel skinny tumbler is proving to be a popular option for many consumers. Whereas a larger reusable water bottle is great for prolonged activities, this skinny tumbler is nice to use while relaxing by the pool or taking to work.

This sublimation tumbler features double-wall insulation, a stainless steel interior, and is fully customizable to any plain color, pattern, or photo that’s desired. The bottom is anti-skid and durable, with the top featuring an easy to use lid that allows for a straw to be placed through it. It’s a functional style of thermos cup that has a long lifespan.

4 Essential Thermos Cup Trends for 2022Woman holding a white stainless steel tumbler in hands

Will thermos cups continue to trend with consumers?

There are many sustainable and reusable products in today’s market, and reusable water bottles and cups are some of the most popular. Insulated tumblers, stainless steel coffee cups, and large capacity reusable water bottles continue to rise in demand with consumers. They’re a great way to maintain the temperature of a drink, whether that be hot or cold, and are durable enough to withstand long distance journeys or being dropped without leaking.

With more unique designs coming out and materials being used, these popular types of thermos cups are in more demand than ever before as people make the switch to being more eco-conscious.