5 Stunning Glass Cup Trends for 2022

Drinking glasses can make all the difference to a drinking experience, but not every glass cup is suitable for every type of drink. Whether a person is drinking at home or is enjoying a drink while on vacation or at a dinner party, the right type of glass is vital for making the experience feel whole. Traditional styles of glass cups continue to be popular in today’s market, but more unique styles of glasses have begun to emerge which are starting to catch the eye of consumers as well. So read on for a rundown of this year’s latest trends.

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The market for glass cups

Glass cups have continued to evolve with consumer demands for more luxurious experiences, which is one key reason behind there being so many different styles of glass cups on the market today. Beer glasses and wine glasses have always come in different shapes and sizes, but there are more styles than ever in today’s market, and that includes even the simple water glass.

The value of glass cups in today’s global market has seen a steady increase in the past few years. In 2022 the drinkware market size reached USD $3.90 billion, and by 2030 it’s expected to grow to approximately USD $5.16 billion. This is largely down to changes in lifestyle, new businesses starting up that require glass cups, and increasing disposable incomes. The market is seeing an explosion of glass manufacturers creating glasses that are appealing yet simple in order to attract the biggest audience, and even the most bizarre glasses are selling.

5 Stunning Glass Cup Trends for 2022Group of friends with different cocktails and glasses

5 glass cup trends for 2022

Whether shopping online or in store, there’s no doubt that there are a lot of glass cups for consumers to choose from. The classic beer glass and whiskey glass are still in high demand, but other glass cup styles such as the beer boot, the rotating glass, and the champagne goblet are all starting to appeal to consumers as well. Here’s a look at 5 popular glass cup trends today.

The boot shaped glass cup

While traditional shapes of glass cups will always be popular with consumers, uniquely shaped ones are just as sought after. Beer drinkers love the boot shaped glass cup which is a fun addition to restaurants or parties. They work perfectly as centerpieces and are sure to be a talking point, which is something that a lot of people are looking for. They can be used all year round as well, which helps bolster the appeal.

5 Stunning Glass Cup Trends for 2022Beer glass in a boot shape next to a bottle

Old fashioned whiskey glasses

Whisky glasses are designed to enhance the drinking experience, and there are a variety of designs to choose from. Whisky glasses have changed over the years to appeal to the younger generations, but the classic style of an old fashioned whisky glass is still very much in demand. They are an elegant style of glass to have in the household, and look great in upscale bars and restaurants too.

5 Stunning Glass Cup Trends for 2022Classic whisky glass with whisky being poured inside

The rotatable glass

The majority of glass cups on the market today have a steady flat base that can easily sit on most surfaces. The newly designed rotatable glass cup however, changes the game. This cup is designed to have a bottom that allows for the glass to rotate while on a cup holder, but also gives it the ability to sit at an angle on the table and be gently turned. For whisky drinkers who regularly rotate their glass while holding it, this is a unique alternative that’s starting to gain traction.

5 Stunning Glass Cup Trends for 2022Two old fashioned glass cups rotating on table

Colored champagne goblets

Champagne goblets are an elegant addition to any table setting, whether that be for dinner or even for serving fresh juice at breakfast. The intricate detailing on the champagne goblet helps to add to the overall experience and make everything seem more high-end. Today’s market is seeing more styles of glasses being made with color added to them, and this includes champagne goblets. Goblets give off a medieval vibe, and the thick glass allows for the liquids poured in them to retain their temperature, whether hot or cold.

5 Stunning Glass Cup Trends for 2022Champagne goblets on a bed with bottle and strawberries

Double sided beer glasses

Beer glasses are some of the most purchased drinking glasses on the market. The traditional beer glass can be found in kitchens, bars, restaurants, and hotels (just to name a few), but different shapes of double sided beer glasses are beginning to emerge too. The shape of the beer glass needs to match the type of beer being poured into it for an optimal drinking experience, to help with the carbonation as well as the flavor. Having the right type of beer glass makes the drinking experience even more enjoyable.

5 Stunning Glass Cup Trends for 2022Different styles of beer glasses filled with beer on table

The future of glass cups

There are hundreds of styles of glass cups on the market today, with some making a bigger impact than others. If past and current trends are anything to go by, classic glasses such as the beer glass and the whisky glass will continue to stay at the top end of the sales list. However, newly engineered glasses such as the rotating glass, boot shaped glass, and the colored goblet are growing in popularity thanks to consumers having a larger disposable income, and the changes in lifestyle the market is seeing.

Having the right type of glass is important for the overall drinking experience, but it also helps with the aesthetic appeal too. So now is a great time to follow these 5 trends and ensure you’re stocking the right kind of glasses to appeal to this market.