How To Capitalize on Home Storage and Organization Trends

The home organization products market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.70% in the period 2022-2029. Stay-at-home employment will also be a continuing trend for the foreseeable future, meaning a need for more home storage solutions. It is estimated that 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month by 2025. This growth, both now and in the future, shows that the time to stock home storage and organization products is now.

Read this article to gain a deeper understanding of what this sector is, what products will be trending within it, and how businesses can profit from selling those products.

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Storage solutions and their unprecedented size this year

Global storage and organization products and solutions are seeing increased importance this year, with multiple reports predicting the growth of the sector over the coming years. The growth is attributed to the rise in stay-at-home employment, with American workers going from spending only 5% of their working time at home to 60% during distancing measures, and the trend sticking for many. This has led to individuals needing a better-organized home to work from and created a multi-billion dollar industry that includes:

Closet space and drawers to make additional space for their new office.Desks, drawers, and cabinets for the new office.Better kitchen organization and storage products for the increased amount of food in the house—since they will have more time to eat and cook at home.Strong boxes and durable drawers for tools and outdoor equipment for the increased time available to carry out DIY or renovation projects.New storage solutions for the outdoors to store all the new items they can now use during their increased family time.How To Capitalize on Home Storage and Organization TrendsWoman’s legs out of a pile of clothes

The storage solutions revolutionizing organization

People have more items and less space due to rising house prices and the incorporation of a home office. As they work to incorporate new storage solutions to stay organized and clutter-free, they are also looking at how to keep their style.

No matter the room, storage solutions should be easily accessible and space-saving, such as easy-to-open sliding doors, which are stackable but still accessible, transparent for additional ease, and more. Additionally, with moves toward sustainability and elements reminiscent of nature, storage and organization products should be long-lasting and ideally made from more sustainable materials, such as metals, recyclable plastics, glass, or wood. Items should also suit personal tastes to combine fashion with function—offering different colors, materials, and styles in your product catalog can address this.

How To Capitalize on Home Storage and Organization TrendsKitchen storage is becoming increasingly important as workers now spend more time eating and cooking at home

Kitchen storage solutions

With increased time at home due to remote working, people are cooking and eating more in their houses. This means more food and more washing up, and thus more items to store. By 2027, the global kitchen storage market will be valued at over $150 billion.

To cater to this lifestyle change, homeowners are buying storage and organization solutions. Countertop drainage racks and faucet storage racks are simple solutions to avoid covering surfaces with sponges and drying cutlery and crockery. To keep a neat cleaning products cupboard, homeowners are buying under sink kitchen racks. For food, homeowners are looking for easily-accessible, clean food containers that keep their food fresh. These include on-trend clear food containers, stackable glass jar containers, airtight food containers, clear fridge bins for vegetables, and wooden spice shelves. Another great option for kitchen storage is collapsible shelving units with wheels, as these not only save on space by organizing multiple products but can also be moved or folded away easily when not being used.

Bedroom and closet storage solutions

The bedroom furniture market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 3.4% until 2024, with more and more individuals looking to find stylish and space-saving solutions to clutter. A bedroom is a place where calm and zen should reign supreme; however, this is difficult to accomplish when cluttered.

Individuals are buying storage products that take up little space but can contain many items and still fit with their interior décor. Examples are transparent stackable shoe boxes or sliding door stackable shoe boxes—not only do these stack high, meaning less space, but they also allow the owners to see, display, and easily access shoes. For optimal drawer organization, storage box organizers that fit inside drawers are a must—these come in multiple colors and fabrics too. For excess clothing and shoes, clear, under-bed organizers allow for easy access and a tidy room. For all the extra small items that crowd bedroom surfaces, mini desk organizers for crafts are perfect. These can also be bought in a variety of colors, materials, and styles to suit individual tastes.

How To Capitalize on Home Storage and Organization TrendsWoman organizing bathroom amenities and toiletries in drawer in bathroom

Bathroom storage solutions

The bath and shower sector has seen unprecedented growth with the increase in germ awareness and people working from home—meaning more time for self-care and long baths. Increased purchases of aromatherapy oils, bath salts, and more contributed to the global bath and shower products market to be valued at $43.22 billion in 2020. This market is projected to grow to $63.16 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 5.0%. Apart from new bath bombs and self-care products, individuals are also investing in tasteful bathroom storage solutions to store them.

To organize skin products and oils, individuals are buying stylish countertop cosmetic boxes with dividers, and for storage of toothbrushes and toothpaste, futuristic and stylish magnetic toothbrush holders are all the rage. For smaller bathrooms, popular options include wall-mounted shelving and long-lasting metal or wood 2-layer and 3-layer shelving units that easily sit above toilets and washing machines without the need for fixtures.

How To Capitalize on Home Storage and Organization TrendsStylish and efficient storage solutions

Living room and office storage solutions

Work stations are appearing in living rooms and home offices everywhere, driving demand for stylish and efficient office and living room organization and storage products.

As well as the perfect ergonomic chair and desk, every office and living room needs storage. Long-lasting bookshelves made from sustainable woods and metals can be bought in different sizes, including smaller ones for corners or wall-like bookshelves to function as room dividers. Desk organizers for storing pens and smaller items such as paper clips are also small but key. For a more sophisticated look, desk organizer sets can also be stocked in leather styles. For larger items, such as folders and papers, foldable linen storage boxes are also a great storage solution that comes in many colors and styles.

How To Capitalize on Home Storage and Organization TrendsGarden shed filled with gardening tools and green sunny garden

Outdoor storage

Storage extends beyond the indoors. As more time is spent at home, enjoying time with family and friends outside or working on DIY and renovation projects is more achievable. Outdoor items, from outdoor games and BBQs to tools and materials, also need storage space. The global sheds and outdoor storage market is expected to surpass $300 million by 2027 and grow at a CAGR of 4.80% to $363.9 million by 2029.

Outdoor storage can be as simple as a canvas canopy or solid canopy structure, but most importantly these items must be made from sturdy materials, waterproof, pest-proof, and more. Outdoor iron roll-top storage boxes and durable plastic tool storage mini sheds are great for larger items when no garage is available, while for those with a little more space, full metal garden sheds can be a handy addition. For customers looking for a smaller option than a full metal garden shed, but still requiring height, a wooden garden tool shed with shelves can be the answer. For customers with a simple balcony or small garden, stock solid and waterproof garden boxes.

How to buy home storage and organization products

Home storage and organization products are on the rise; however, sourcing the right products can be daunting.

This article has discussed some of the hottest products needed by your customers to organize their homes. To start your e-commerce business, it is not necessary to have lots of capital or even lots of storage space. To overcome these issues, you can consider dropshipping with, sending stock directly to your customers without needing to store or send it yourself.