5 Unique Toilets Trending Right Now

Toilets have changed a lot throughout recent years, with new designs emerging that revolutionize the way people think about a toilet. While traditional toilets are still hugely popular with consumers, smart toilets and hanging toilets are catching up and becoming the most in-demand toilets out there. For consumers, there’s an ever-growing desire to have the most modern toilet installed in their bathroom. Here’s a look at the latest popular and unique toilets to suit any bathroom.

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Toilets in the global market

There’s been a recent rise in consumers purchasing toilets that offer both convenient sanitary hygiene and a modern appearance. This paired with the desire to have more eco-friendly toilets, changes in consumer patterns, as well as intelligent bathroom products growing in popularity, are key drivers of the growth that the toilet industry is seeing.

By the end of 2027, the global smart toilet industry is expected to be worth USD 6.78 billion, up significantly from USD 4.93 billion in 2020. With this increase in smart toilets alone, the overall toilet market is projected to increase in value as well.

5 Unique Toilets Trending Right NowWhite toilet in an all-white bathroom with plants

5 best toilets to buy

Having a toilet that matches the decor of a bathroom well is important to many consumers. A toilet is a vital part of a complete bathroom, which is why having the correct product in place is key. The toilet industry is seeing the rise in popularity of wall-hung toilets, smart toilets, rimless toilets, and the traditional two-piece toilet and basin sets. But, toilets with a splash of color are emerging as a unique addition to a new bathroom too.

Wall-hung intelligent toilet

Toilets no longer have to be attached to the floor thanks to the design of the wall-hung toilet. The D-shape of this wall-hung intelligent toilet enables it to hang perfectly on any wall, and it has a built-in bidet that helps in the cleaning process after use. It can be operated by use of a remote control and also features an air drying system. Wall-hung toilets are increasing in popularity with both homeowners and businesses as the design makes them easy to clean as well as the floor underneath, and their functions make even the less tech-savvy consumers able to use them with ease.

5 Unique Toilets Trending Right NowWhite wall-hanging toilet in a marble-tiled bathroom

Black Japanese smart toilet

Black is probably not the first color that comes to mind when someone thinks of a toilet, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The sleek black design of this smart toilet will give any bathroom an elegant finish. This toilet comes with various flushing systems, is remotely controllable, has intelligent touch built-in, and includes a pleasant washing experience. Toilets such as these are in high demand in part due to the change in living patterns of consumers and the luxury they bring to a bathroom setting. The black Japanese smart toilet is the perfect alternative to a white toilet in the bathroom.

5 Unique Toilets Trending Right NowBlack hanging toilet in a modern Japanese style bathroom

The colored toilet

Consumers want a toilet that’s easy to flush and clean, but at the same time matches their decor and adds a touch of elegance to their bathroom. While most toilets are plain white, the sanitary washdown toilet comes with the added feature of having a line of color cutting through it. It’s not a common toilet feature, but it does bring some life to a bathroom. The color also graces the top of the toilet’s cistern, and there are many color options to choose from. With its simple flush system, modern design, and unique choice of colors, this is one toilet that’s sure to be a key talking point in any bathroom.

5 Unique Toilets Trending Right NowWhite modern toilet with lines of gold through the body

Matt black rimless floating toilet

The matt black rimless floating toilet is perfect for making a statement in a bathroom. The matte finish makes it less noticeable than other ceramic toilets but gives it a classic and modern finish. It comes complete with a soft-close seat cover included, which can be removed with a one-button quick release for cleaning. The fully-glazed piping and the reasonable water seal height make this an easy toilet to maintain as well. The concealed tank is another feature that makes this toilet so popular in today’s market. Floating toilets make a bathroom easier to clean, but they’re also a good option for smaller bathrooms to help save space.

5 Unique Toilets Trending Right NowBlack hanging toilet in all-black marble bathroom with shower

Two-piece toilet and basin

The two-piece toilet and basin set is a timeless bathroom combination that still looks great in any type of bathroom, even the most modern ones. This tends to be a cost-effective option for many consumers who are searching for a matching toilet and basin but don’t want to shop around for both items separately. Ivory is still very much a popular color for this two-piece set, and the ceramic material makes it incredibly easy to clean even after heavy usage.

5 Unique Toilets Trending Right NowGreen bathroom with matching toilet and basin in white

What’s next for toilets?

With such an increase in demand for smart toilets expected in the next several years, consumers will see new features added to toilets to suit the ever-growing need for convenience in the bathroom. Current trends are seeing smart toilets, wall-hung toilets, black toilets, toilets with a splash of color, and the traditional two-piece toilet and basin set all growing in popularity in today’s market. Many features of the home are already controlled by smart devices, and the bathroom will soon be no exception. Bathrooms are already turning into unique spaces where people don’t mind spending some extra time.