6 New Toilet Technology Trends for Cleaner and Safer Bathrooms

The toilet industry has come a long way and now features smart innovations such as motion sensors, antimicrobial seats, and toilet seat warmers. There’s also a plethora of new designs that are becoming increasingly popular among customers. That said, how do you know which design trend or technology to embrace? This guide will highlight the latest design and technology trends in toilets to help increase the profitability of your business.

Table of ContentsOverview of the marketTop trends & technologies of toiletsA market that continues reinventing itself

Overview of the market

The toilets of today balance low flow rates and high performance with sleek and stylish designs. With more homeowners investing in their homes and striving to create stunning bathroom designs, the toilet market is on the rise. People expect high and smart designs in their toilets. As a result, the toilet industry continues reinventing itself to meet customers’ demands. According to a real estate study, 77% of young homebuyers seek smart innovations in their homes. This includes everything from smart home automation systems that can be controlled from your smartphone to high-tech toilets in the bathroom.

If you are in the toilet business, you may already know the unparalleled scope of demand and supply in the industry. With more and more consumers wanting the best high-tech toilets with top features and attractive designs, investing in these varied designs and styles can go a long way to helping your business.

Top trends in technology of toilets

1. Motion-activated toilet lids for the next level bathroom experience

6 New Toilet Technology Trends for Cleaner and Safer BathroomsToilet with motion-activated lid in a bathroom

This fancy electric high-tech toilet is all things stylish. It’s found in most of the Japanese households and comes with a motion-activated lid. The toilet detects if someone is in front of it and opens automatically. What’s more, it features a remote-controlled bidet that offers the air-drying option or an oscillating bidet stream of water. It also comes with heated seating for those cold winter days when people want a comfortable toilet experience. This is one of those toilet designs that have a reputation for being “in fashion” throughout the year when it comes to bathroom interiors. Hence, it can stand you in good stead to include this toilet in your business portfolio.

2. Customizable touch panel remotes for all things fancy

A touch screen remote offers access to all the toilet features, which is one of the best selling points of this toilet design. It comes with a dim night light to reduce disruption in sleep at night and even has a deodorizing seat to keep your bathroom fresh and clean at all times. This toilet allows users to discover cleanliness and comfort together, making it the perfect design style in a bathroom. Moreover, it comes with warm water cleansing and warm air drying to ensure that you are refreshed at all times.

3. Gold-plated luxurious toilets? Yes, please!

This toilet gives a royal touch to a bathroom and adds plenty of luxurious warmth to any bathroom décor. They can be adapted to various bathroom styles, and their versatility ensures that you can incorporate them into any space with minimal changes. Users can’t go wrong with this extravagant toilet.

4. Space-saving wall-mounted toilets

6 New Toilet Technology Trends for Cleaner and Safer BathroomsWall-mounted toilet in white bathroom

Wall-mounted toilets are more complicated to repair, so it’s essential to be careful about the models you plan to put in your portfolio. The design makes access to the tank difficult. However, some wall-mounted toilet designs offer access panels, so the plumber can directly go to the tank without tearing down the entire wall in case of repair. It saves space and can give a spacious look to the toilet. Hence, contemporary wall-mounted toilets can be a good fit for your portfolio to attract the attention of more artistic and creative customers. Moreover, minimalist wall-mounted toilets are a great way to create a nice feature in a bathroom rather than an eyesore.

5. Minimalist & ultra-contemporary toilet styles

6 New Toilet Technology Trends for Cleaner and Safer BathroomsMinimalist toilet design in contemporary bathroom

Minimalist and ultra-contemporary toilet styles are expected to become massively popular given the immense comfort they provide to customers. An important positive in their favor is that they do not occupy a lot of space and can be adapted to all kinds of bathroom designs. Gone are the days when you could just put a candle on top of the toilet tank or a picture of seashells to make your toilet look nice in the bathroom. Today, this just won’t cut it! Modern toilet designs such as this one can be a great addition to your portfolio because they’re comfortable, sleek, and have a stylish design that can be adapted to most bathroom décors.

6. Square toilets for the win

6 New Toilet Technology Trends for Cleaner and Safer BathroomsSquare toilet for minimal bathroom designs

Square toilets have a minimalist design and are easy to adapt to the décor of the bathroom space. Moreover, they’re available in different sizes, so customers can choose the ones that best fit their space and purposes. Square toilets are becoming more and more popular lately because of their slim and tall designs that are unique in most bathroom décors. They are another impressive addition to any business portfolio as these square toilets continue appealing to the sensibilities of homeowners.

A market that continues reinventing itself

The trends highlight the demand for smart toilets around the world. These toilets have reinvented themselves and added a touch of luxury, making them an important part of house interiors today. If you plan to add these trendy toilets to your portfolio, the points discussed in this guide will help you focus on the designs that are in the latest technology trends.