Germany’s Cumulative Installed Solar PV Capacity Nearing 70 GW With 746 MW Added in February 2023; Bundesnetzagentur Adjusts January Numbers

Bundesnetzagentur says Germany saw its solar installations increasing by 746 MW in February 2023It has also adjusted January 2023 numbers from 780 MW previously to now 874 MWCumulatively, Germany’s solar PV capacity at the end of February 2023 went up to 69 GW

In the initial 2 months of 2023, Germany has installed as much as 1.62 GW new solar PV capacity with 746 MW added in February 2023, according to Bundesnetzagentur or the Federal Network Agency that has now updated January deployments to 874 MW previously shared as 780 MW.

While the monthly additions are yet to reach the required 1.553 GW for the country to meet the 215 GW target for 2030, things are looking up for the sector as the numbers for January and February are higher over previous year for the same months, namely 507 MW and 698 MW, respectively.

Most of the new capacity in February 2023 came online in Bavaria with 385 MW followed by 243 MW in Baden-Württemberg and 242 MW in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Unsubsidized solar PV capacity additions, including both rooftop and ground mounted systems, increased significantly to over 151 MW in February, out of which 141.7 MW belonged to open space category. In the previous month these added up to 34.9 MW and 9.6, respectively.

Of the bid out solar PV capacity under EEG regime, 8.4 MW rooftop and 105.3 MW ground mounted capacity came online in February, down from 16.5 MW and 170.7 MW in January in the respective categories. As for capacity installed with support under statutory EEG funding, 466 MW rooftop, 12.9 MW large scale solar and 2.5 MW tenant electricity came online in February 2023.

At the end of February 2023, Germany had a cumulative installed solar PV capacity of over 69 GW.

Onshore wind additions for February 2023 improved from 62 MW in the previous month to 143 MW, while offshore wind additions were at the same level as in the previous month at 38 MW. For both these categories, the agency believes Germany needs to install 604 MW and 232 MW respectively to achieve the 2030 targets of 115 GW and 30 GW.

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