Schletter’s Latest Mounting Solutions Is Focussed on Three Points – Optimized Material Utilization and Lowering Mounting Time With Same or Higher Load Capacity

ProLine pitched roof system from Schletter can handle high load , utilizes less material and saves time and money during installationThe flat roof system called FixGrid Pro requires less ballast and system is more flexible during installationSchletter Group’s also has a new Tracker variant that has been specially designed for use with large-format modules

Schletter Group, a German maker of mounting systems, has focused on optimizing material utilization and mounting time with the same or greater load-bearing capacity and fast installation. The concept has been implemented in the company’s key product line – mounting systems and trackers.

High load, rapid time:A novel profile geometry in the ProLine pitched roof system allows for less material utilization than the present Schletter standard profiles. At the same time, the profile can withstand greater loads. The ProLine profiles can also be fitted without the use of tools by employing a single internal connector, saving time and money during installation. A new cross-rail connector ensures a structurally resilient installation.

Schletter’s 2 aluminum roof hooks added to its line of proven stainless steel and high-strength structural steel roof hooks. The lightweight “EcoA” and “RapidA” roof hooks provide another alternative for optimizing projects and lowering installation costs. Company’s RapidA 35 roof hook, designed specifically for lower roof battens. All Schletter roof hooks are compatible with both the standard Schletter mounting rails and the new ProLine rails. A pre-mounted, rotating multiadapter ensures this.

The “Rapid Pro” module clamp, which is compatible with the new profiles, is likewise characterized by its simple and fast installation. Following the “one size fits all” approach, it can be utilized in the future to fix all conventional module sizes with frame heights ranging from 30 to 47 mm. The fully pre-assembled clamp is clipped into the upper groove of the profile and then fastened.

More flexibility, less ballast: Because of improved aerodynamics, the FixGrid Pro flat roof systemrequires less ballast. For example, with the improved FixGrid Pro in east-west orientation, the maintenance aisle is no longer positioned between the lower edges, but rather between the higher edges of the angled modules, as it was previously. Furthermore, Schletter engineers improved the system using modular logic, making planning and installation more flexible and faster. Instead of requiring multiple module supports according to the angle of inclination, module size, or configuration (upright or horizontal), all versions can now be produced with just a few generally applicable components.

Tracker — less material: Schletter Group’s also has a new Tracker variant that has been specially designed for use with large-format modules. The compact system utilizes less material per kilowatt of power and is approximately 30% lighter than comparable products in the market, claims Schletter. The version called “1V” (one vertical) carries forward the same design advantages as the other trackers from Schletter’s range. It is as sturdy as a fixed installation and can endure wind gusts of over 200 km/h thanks to a mechanical self-locking mechanism. All the trackers from Schletter are also optimized to meet the most recent market demands in the sense that the entire range is compatible to bifacial modules and also with larger-format modules in both horizontal and vertical layouts. These are complemented by new coatings that further extend the service life of the mounting systems.

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